Scribbled on the back of a public retirement home

[With a big Smile On My Knuckles, the bend of my arm, the valour of my struggles]

Let’s be friends through pricks and Gin
Let’s be mates through haze and paint thinners
Let’s hold hands for world peace while we, descend into the crushing waves of the horizon
Let’s wait on our lips and drink the tonic instead
Let’s figure out how to break down this insoluble high
Let’s be friends no matter how deep our lows bow
Like veins hiding between your toes
Let’s not.


Quite jubilent, considering.

Money on a park bench, what good fortune.

Baby in a stroller smiles at me,
what serenity,
and all packed so sweetly,
into such a tiny little body!

Kind old ladies sharing tales of the good times,
when they fell in love,
when they watched their kids, grow,

All delivered in a stream of nostalgia so infectious my own heart swells
like the clouds above,
raining down a shower of glorious emotions.

I cry with a smile on my face.

It’s moments like these when the pure value of life truly shines bright.

I say aah! to be the humming bird flying round and round a plump humming bird.

Such a transcending vision

I cry with my arms open.
Welcoming the world.

[And she built a bonfire to burn her Liar-Liar collection of 1970’s panties, they caught on fire rather quickly, adieu – she said – While dancing to a tape recording of Bach’s ironic harmonica concerto: Die Toten Honig Himmel]

Be Happy

If somebody said to me: Write something happy go clappy and positive, right this instant, I’d produce a piece that went thusly:

I’ve got good booze running down in my heart
I’ve got love flowing through my veins
The glow of peace shining through my butt
A bleach of a smile taking care of your aches and pains.
I’ve got strong booze running down in my heart.


E-Parks and E-Cars

Ah! How the Summer sun sways over
Green carpet grass
Raw little voices
Red Swings and purple slides
Orange monkey bars and big toy cars

How Happy Birthday little J!
Bubbling with ecstacy
Takes off like a sweet bumble bee!
Racing to the sandbox
Tripping over her joy
Rising back up
Bubbles of giddy awe
Running towards the blue seesaw