flailing under weighted blankets with the world’s sniggering vitriol dampening my resolve which never was up to it anyway like everything else or everyone I’ve known, few as they may be, and diminished by time and the noise of my tentacled senses holding me under, I can’t breathe. 

Release me. 

Anxious to talk to you

The nerves fire off warning shots, listen. Yes?
Oh, well, in mine eyes the camera jitters quite violently, blurring the spectacle of life.

If you miss much I miss it all, or most, not to curse this momentary lull with interjections of mine suffering but; no one’s listening.

Samuel Beckett says the essence is beneath and behind you, I, the unfortunate inessential, cannot see his meaning. Perhaps..?
Oh, well, all is a-float on strings of space and time, drifting far and wide.

E-Parks and E-Cars

Ah! How the Summer sun sways over
Green carpet grass
Raw little voices
Red Swings and purple slides
Orange monkey bars and big toy cars

How Happy Birthday little J!
Bubbling with ecstacy
Takes off like a sweet bumble bee!
Racing to the sandbox
Tripping over her joy
Rising back up
Bubbles of giddy awe
Running towards the blue seesaw