¿What’s the Equation for Digression?

Mathematics is an exact Science….

Tell that to my Fibonacci No.5 shoes which had to be tumble dried after several recently born kittens decided to have a party in the beautifully hand crafted work of wearable art.

… And there is only one correct solution to a correctly set question or puzzle.

You’ll Find Me In The Texts

The Whole Truth Honest Truth and Nothing but the Truth subsides these boarderless realms with their dead punctuations which exist merely as ghosts and every breath stolen and every glide of the eye so smooth and uninterrupted an illusion of structure of sense rises from nothing but the grammar of perception or the perception of grammatical reason which grounds firmly the idea or belief that as long as the word which flows and runs on down stream from the bosom of honesty makes logical sense then there is no need for any of those clunky and clanky punctuation doodly marks

How to write Gibberish: Three smooth steps

1. Search Engine ‘how to speak gibberish’ and realise the world has literally thought of, and done, just about everything.
This should be followed by deep breaths and reality tv binging to soothe the innards from existential malaise.

2. Create word prompts, or find some on the interweb; it is vital that you have a theme or else you’ll think you’re such a terrible writer that you can’t even create gibberish!
Make sure its simple and easy to execute prompts. Four-ish words, or several letters.

3. Make sense (in intervals). Like a pretty hazelnut butterfly fluttering over the scorched garden of telly-tubby land; sense is the imaginary fingers clicking in your ears misdirecting the sponge in your skull. Intermittent sense is the meal before a bottle of problems.

Gibberish can be great fun. Especially when it grabs ones attention and makes your eyebrows jig about with the realisation that the goobledygoo before your eyes is actually gobbledydoo.

Delineating from the path of least resistance

I’ll tell you one of the far reaching affects sexism has on society: the production of constricted, suffocating sameness; the diluting of individuality.

It creates sameness terms as “girly” and “manly” and people feeling they have to live to the parameters of these labels.

Imagine a woman (genuinely) into high-heels and dresses and decor and gossip [excuse the clichés, here’s the point:], should she not enjoy competitive third tier field-hockey?
And the reasons she loves to watch this specific type of hockey are all her own, dictated by her personal life experiences, individual.

The sprinkles of uniqueness that could be there to make for a much more colorful individual is crushed because some people won’t allow themselves to be into something that would appear “too obscure”, or “ill fitting for ones gender”.

A man/woman that loves something considered feminine/masculine; a drop of difference, can change the types of books created, movies, the type of politician and citizens we have in the world.
It isn’t about getting in touch with any “side” of ourselves but rather being fearless and comfortable to allow an interest (or disinterest) develop, stick (or go away).

[Fiction born out of non-]

She’s a photojournalist, she loves yellow dresses; so much that she set out to wear as many different dresses (without repeating) for an entire year. She collects cigars from around the world, she has a shelf (which had her grandmothers antique dolls) filled with cigars from russia and Kenya and Vietnam.
She doesn’t smoke mind you. The cigar cases are polished and it’s the technique and design and aroma which draws her obsession.

[Use this character as a prompt if you wantses.]

Caffeine: What do you mean EL OH EL?

Clinical Data:

Dependence liability:
Physical: low–moderate
Psychological: trivial

Routes of administration: oral, insufflation, enema, rectal, intravenous.

Insufflation? : (Latin: insufflation “blowing on” or “into”) is the act of inhaling something (such as a gas, powder, or vapor) into a body cavity.

Ah! … Woaw … :

Onset of action: Up to 45 minutes

Addiction liability: None

… Midnight trip round the caffea train …

Good Morning Coffea arabica

Reading through wiki-science I often image the pages as newspapers. Turning leisurely without licking a single finger I am faced with numbers and letters clustered in often unfamiliar fashions:;:

Caffeine synonyms:


Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant of the methylxanthine class of psychoactive drugs.


It is a white crystalline purine, a methylxanthine alkaloid; and thus closely related chemically to the adenine and guanine contained in DNA and RNA.


Molecular mass: 194.19 g/mol

Melting point: 235 to 238 °C


Upon concluding this imaginary newspaper with its rich facts and figures I cannot help but feel hungry for more.