Anxious to talk to you

The nerves fire off warning shots, listen. Yes?
Oh, well, in mine eyes the camera jitters quite violently, blurring the spectacle of life.

If you miss much I miss it all, or most, not to curse this momentary lull with interjections of mine suffering but; no one’s listening.

Samuel Beckett says the essence is beneath and behind you, I, the unfortunate inessential, cannot see his meaning. Perhaps..?
Oh, well, all is a-float on strings of space and time, drifting far and wide.


Sanity Papa, Sanity upon You!

It’s midnight, the birds chirp in their sleep, the moon is a prickly old bastard.

Mother locked father in the closet to protect herself and the neighbourhood from his nightmares which burst out of him at the most inconsiderate of times

She leans against the door and says: “See the bigger picture into the future!”

He sits on a small hill of heels and replies:
“Make big needles in order to thread the droplets of saliva pinned under a blossoming Ox with antlers and wings, with long corkscrew lashes and grandpa ear bristles.”

“There you go off with your Bull again!”

He sings a hymn of giggles and chuckles.

Is this a Cube or an Antenna?

She’s a lovely girl of course! We speak about the stars and she laughs a lot, around me at least, doesn’t fancy crowds too much but she’ll grow out of her nerves.

I don’t think other people know so little about their best friends, but we have similar tastes in things, I think. Gawd I’m not even sure about that!

[Sleeping on the couch]

She’s a million different things, not one I know, and that’s how my friends describe me. We are intimate anomalies and I love that about us. She’s been through so much, more than any one I know but here she is, living on and blessing me with her beingness. She’s my precious!

Hard worker, first to work, last out. Needs help with her temper, always getting into fights, but she’ll grow out of it.

She’s a bit too easy with the boys.

Say that name again?

2nd Bestie:
She and I are soul mates. Bonded by something everybody else struggles to comprehend. I remember she pulled my tooth out once with pliers. That person she’s dating currently is a digital apparition, I don’t want to date her, I want us to grow old together. Once I’m out of here.


My best friend is a train
My best friend is a cloud
My best friend is a stain…
Never shall I bleach,
My best friend is a beach.

Everywhere is time of need,
My bestie is forever here
Restrain this lethargy, my bestie;
These chemicals betray me.

You have the biggest smile and the smallest shadow.
You have the most attentive ears; a well for my sorrows.

We cook and talk without moving our lips; we occupy the same matter, we never hold hands for we are together.


My best friend is…

Wreaks of Havoc-encoded Mysteries

It’s been a long time
Shining knuckles
Fitting shoes

_Lights out after drinking out of its sole

ties laces like nooses
Only, bitter better when quitter shoots.
Know what I mean.

Not a question just a statement
Down here, you either pasted and plastered or, blasted over your boom locks.
With, “rocks under your cabinet,”
After the hour has faded into algebra.

Switch the lights out and think and drink and take a dunk.

Like a noose on a sinking space ship.


what was first to come was surrounded by a realism that is only of a past nature between teenage years and mid-twenties.

Questions devalued over time as if in some mode of existential baloney failed to produce something anything worth the title creative or art or philosophy.

So if yesterday does not rate today then tomorrow must be floating in abject failure.