To Delicate Flower; As you Were Once Known

©2015 Asperganoid
©2015 Asperganoid

The Sun was a crushed pill on a cracked blue glass table streaked in white strokes of misfortune.

Fingertips tingled nostalgic.

Francelle washed up on the bed like a corpse drenched in oceanic sweat, eyes floating in a black sea of uncertainty, chaos.

She stepped over the sprawled body of Lilith

Half-conscious and drowsy and sat on a broken toilet seat.

Releasing chemical waste.



My best friend is a train
My best friend is a cloud
My best friend is a stain…
Never shall I bleach,
My best friend is a beach.

Everywhere is time of need,
My bestie is forever here
Restrain this lethargy, my bestie;
These chemicals betray me.

You have the biggest smile and the smallest shadow.
You have the most attentive ears; a well for my sorrows.

We cook and talk without moving our lips; we occupy the same matter, we never hold hands for we are together.


My best friend is…