¿What’s the Equation for Digression?

Mathematics is an exact Science….

Tell that to my Fibonacci No.5 shoes which had to be tumble dried after several recently born kittens decided to have a party in the beautifully hand crafted work of wearable art.

… And there is only one correct solution to a correctly set question or puzzle.


You’ll Find Me In The Texts

The Whole Truth Honest Truth and Nothing but the Truth subsides these boarderless realms with their dead punctuations which exist merely as ghosts and every breath stolen and every glide of the eye so smooth and uninterrupted an illusion of structure of sense rises from nothing but the grammar of perception or the perception of grammatical reason which grounds firmly the idea or belief that as long as the word which flows and runs on down stream from the bosom of honesty makes logical sense then there is no need for any of those clunky and clanky punctuation doodly marks

1. Expectations: Fixing psycho-mechanical problems (Some aspie calibrations)


Expectation and its relationship with frustration/anxiety.

Behavioural Remodelling of ones eXeN (expectation engine)

The more narrow ones social experiences; the more off kilter the eXeN.

Logic as a tool to solve illogical behaviour born out of ignorance and copy/paste mirroring.

With sound guidance – especially for a mind that requires clear to understand instructions – change is possible.

The greatest frustration of all?

A hammer of a statement:

The mind is more complicated than that.

Happy Clappy Hands

The noise oh the noise.
I may be mentally impaired.
Pills to float on the surface of sanity.
People I knew in high school moving fluidly through life.
Perplexed at how so many autistic folk move, as NT’s, with as much fluidity.
Enter autistic space and feel like an outsider. Maybe wires crossed in existential circuitry.
He unplugs from the rest of the world and finds it easy to forget.
He drinks non-alcoholic beverages to escape sobriety.
She doesn’t understand the milieu of smiles.
She wishes they would be transparent.
It’s all electronic and cybernetic.
It cannot cope with life.
Oh well never mind.
Nouns + Verbs.

Imagine Evaporating

Vision, for a second, a slumber. Through a skull you may call your own.
Imagine, for a minute, beauty evaporating in the summer.

uncontrollable will, self steering fear, determined skill, nonexistent cheer!

While the rest of us rage under fallen bridges. Lacerating truthless conceit.

I am but a traveller searching for my true west.,

You will all find me buried in a visionless lie.

Can’t i, do my best?

Good Morning Coffea arabica

Reading through wiki-science I often image the pages as newspapers. Turning leisurely without licking a single finger I am faced with numbers and letters clustered in often unfamiliar fashions:;:

Caffeine synonyms:


Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant of the methylxanthine class of psychoactive drugs.


It is a white crystalline purine, a methylxanthine alkaloid; and thus closely related chemically to the adenine and guanine contained in DNA and RNA.


Molecular mass: 194.19 g/mol

Melting point: 235 to 238 °C


Upon concluding this imaginary newspaper with its rich facts and figures I cannot help but feel hungry for more.