Many-Universes Interpretation

There may exist a world in which this 12 by 12 inch art work is a vinyl album cover for some band/musician who may or may not be the best band/musician in that world’s history. Salivatious Prospect.vinyl DELUX


F#@k/P¡$$ off: Dismissing the dismissable, a twist

*Toss off
Wank off
Jizz off
Blow off
Shit off
Barf off
Tick off
Ass off
*Dick off
Tit off
Gag off
Nut off…

You’ll have people scratching their heads when you direct these tellings offs their way.

Gag off Joey!
Toss off Tony!

I often dream of my grandmother angrily telling me to “tit off” for being such a lazy snot (NB: she would never say such a thing she’s too kind a person)
I’d still find it funny though!

Who said cursing can’t be creative?

Questions Never Ending

Do writers really base every inch of their novels on something?

The ways of a character, the city and town or mayor or president… Does it all have a purpose? A point?

Is it possible to make such a story? Is a collaboration between intuitive creativity and desire to “say something”?

Or maybe the “saying something” is merely a lantern through the journey, a constant light?