Cover Art Cover Up ()

You know what’s fun and easy?
Creating book titles and cover art. ‘Tis A joyous activity which enthrals me for hours.

Writing a book for that cover art and title, on the other hand, is not only hard but downright boring (yeah I said it) writing goddamn novels/a short story collection is godawfully tedious.

Why bother you ask? Well, I don’t know, I have this itch to produce a novel, a novella, and a short story collection. After that… Nah, I’ll still want to make more! Deep down I am a storyteller, I think.

I have well over ten beautiful titles and cover art (no doubt aided by the visual bias my pretty aspergers affords me)

I have three alter-egos; “perhaps you are stretching yourself too thin?” You say

But I tried doing the single author thing and I damn near gave up writing altogether.
Who wants to be themselves, ALL THE TIME? Urgh so gross!

I figured fuck it why not display some of my cover art work?

I wasn’t going to (and won’t) sell my books anyhow. Just copyright that baby.

Oh The life of a working-class aspie.

One of my dreams is for some of my works to be adapted to film (be it tv, or anime, heck even comics!)

Once again, the visual medium really drives a lot of the things I do creatively (maybe this is why I struggle with literature??¿)

Alas may the aspirations never cease cuddling my impatient brain. Hopefully some of my dreams will be realised before I turn to dust.

Asperganoid OUT.