A 90’s aesthetic.

dirty kisses


Many-Universes Interpretation

There may exist a world in which this 12 by 12 inch art work is a vinyl album cover for some band/musician who may or may not be the best band/musician in that world’s history. Salivatious Prospect.vinyl DELUX

Hold aloft the crown of thyn jovial Constipations

A Can of bathtub infusions
Salts the essence of my tears,
How they scrub me deeply, firstly
and undo me, only, in the second act of this unholy, theory,
Sullen, drowsy,

Take pity with a drink for a knock on my liver
sprouts a bloom in my urethra

A Tongue lashing from my lover,
in the mirror
Who stares when I close my eyes, only…
I am hungry for my one and only.
My Last breath. My empty eternity.

If you do not mind me, death sang, then I am lonely
But I do mind you, I began, ’tis living I abhor mostly