I’m gonna call you dark knight

Bought my puppy last night behind a pub. Bartender was moving out on account of the violence; and a drought forecast.
Cute little guy; big eyes, big ears flappin’ wreckless. soft as a cloud.
I sit beside my insomnia, my new friend on my lap, dreamin’.


Rigid Hand To Crooked Heart

Loved myself once.
Now lines have taken over my face.
The, rotting away of time, almost tangible.
I can’t stand to be around any youth with their enthusiasm and their ignorance of what’s to come.
I know too well; sometimes I wake up and I smell it.
Strong stench of fate; its ebony hand reaching out, stroking my hollow cheek.
Was in love with myself. Didn’t do me any good.

Skirts Give Me Nightmares

I was digging a grave for my dresses when it started raining
The little hole I made grew big and wide and deep
For a second I thought that was the end of me but it stopped just as I ran out of place to run
After checking to see if all my limbs weren’t missing
I looked into the hole and saw a red eye big as the back of an elephant’s ass starring up right at me all deranged and angry looking.
Mama won’t believe me when I tell her ’bout this.