I’m angry and I’m female, I must be a feminazi!

powerful post by a femiwarrior. thank you Kim.

I Like Things

I wanted to find an eye catching picture to illustrate my exact feelings on the subject, but that tag, even feminism, the shit that came up on google images search made me heave. I literally feel sick. The ignorance, the hate, the injustice, it’s so fucking sickening.

I don’t know why I started up looking all the shit I did, someone I’m following wrote about Bill Crosby and asked for the thoughts of people about the issue. I couldn’t really write anything without understanding of that entire situation so I decided to look it up. The whole thing reminded me of the rape scandal surrounding AFL player Stephen Milne, accused of rape in 2004 which only got sorted late 2014. And by sorted I mean there will be no more trials, he just got to walk away with no criminal conviction and no chance of the case being re-opened. I…

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