¿What’s the Equation for Digression?

Mathematics is an exact Science….

Tell that to my Fibonacci No.5 shoes which had to be tumble dried after several recently born kittens decided to have a party in the beautifully hand crafted work of wearable art.

… And there is only one correct solution to a correctly set question or puzzle.


5 thoughts on “¿What’s the Equation for Digression?

    • Interesting you should say that! I am about to do the whole correspondency thing and am foregoing “proper” maths because I am so woeful at the subject that it even has “trigger” points (doh!)
      Matter-fact I’m about as competent at maths as a drunk baby is competent at reciting shakespeares take of Britney Spear’s spine chillingly brilliant chart topper “hit me baby one more time”
      But I digress.
      To summerise: Math is important and sucks at the same time.

      Thanks for reading my rumbling ramblings! I am grateful.

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