Chocolate and Energy Drinks

What is love?

What’s going through the minds of a couple that’s staring into each others eyes?

I’ve never been in such a cinematic situation And I often see it in weddings as well

The big smiles, the bodies pressed tightly together, silence and staring

[Questions randomly hovering over my head]


One thought on “Chocolate and Energy Drinks

  1. I wonder the same thing. Then I start thinking about how their breath smells. I wonder how they keep from laughing at some point. Because that special feeling… the one that elicits goose bumps or makes eyes watery…that really only lasts a second or two. Three tops. Then a person starts thinking about what’s for dinner or how rent’s gonna get paid this month. Or if that jerk at the office is ever gonna’ get caught sleeping at his desk. I’m not much of a romantic though. Maybe other people think different stuff. Like how special the other person is or how their breath smells like daisies. Or how later on the steamy romance will take a turn for the kinky. Not me. I’m just thinking about dinner and rent. And how I need to get some better toothpaste.

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