Brain Wrestle

I am at war with my Left brain, my left brain says measure this and what about that, my Left Brain is a loud Lieutenant rigid in its ways.

My left brain’s name is Autisticus Asperganoid. If I were any good (as a whole) with measuring sticks and calculations, my left brain would be a dear colleague, but I am pitiful in the sciences despite an affinity for the field (je suis un spectator).

I lick my codified lips wistfully.

My right brain is without a name, without a title, without an aim. My right brain says:

“apple falls off tree and floats into brain killing all integers and setting the stage for nuclear contractions with grave political reclassification.”

And I can never catch my Right brain; that beautiful silken butterfly, that ebony cheetah, that crooning voice hymning orgasmic reveries.



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