A Letter to Jø from Anya

You know I find greetings insufferable, so I shall pass the convention gleefully.

I have been eating rather sparsely of late. Not out of any illness, but rather I find food has lost its magic; my tongue cannot discern between two lavish dishes. As you can imagine,with my intimate history with food, this affects me deeply.

I must insist; it is neither a form of depression nor existential malaise (the two are brother and sister); I do hope this news shan’t affect you adversely.

A final note of whining: my uncle has been a tragedy of late! He came from the shadows to plague us with his mysterious illness which no doctor can find and he cannot describe!
In the night he moans like a dying kitten and in the day he sits rather pompously before the television holding onto the remote as if it were a miracle cure. He is robbing the family of a peaceful winter and mother is too kind to see him off.
I digress. I wish terribly that you were here.

Talking about the recipient of this letter; how has the operation gone?

How guilty I feel for not being able to tag along with you.

To be whole, to look in the mirror and finally see yourself staring back! What wonders this century has; alongside tragedies that fog all progress. I add reluctantly.

O! How insufferable I can be; forgive me for my cynical inclinations. I am a terrible cross breed between masochist and pessimist.

I must be off; The uncle summons me. I beg you to respond as soon as possible. I will be dreaming of you my dearest friend.

Yours fatally; Anya.


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