Yet Another ‘How To’ guide: Writing advice for the not so serious yuh

‘Tis I again, your residential literary gibberish writing guide.

My darling Wikipedia® says about characterisation:

‘Characterization or characterisation is
the concept of creating characters for a

Well like, yah! (Love you wiki! 😉 )

But I prefer to not only dig deeper, but simpler!

If you seek to create super characters you simply need to master the art of Repetition!

Let me explain: if your granny in the story is another ‘horses for. Courses’ granny then nobody is going to remember the precious ol’ dear.

I know I know; she’s a detective, she IS the story: catching nasty criminals and ensuring the tender sleep of the city’s citizens is only interrupted by the Zeus forsaken 24/7 supermarket you live next to!

But what I’m getting at is, just like music; your character needs a sweet riff that makes her stick long after you’ve deleted the book.

Let’s say everytime she laughs her glass eye pops out and rolls into the street.
her (side kick?) Who is her granddaughter has to chase after the icky and wet ball (even in a bloody crime scene) yack!

But that has to happen all the time.
Well, a lot, and she has to be constant with the way she responds to the situation. The reader has to Feel the situation and route for the poor ol’ eye and hope It doesn’t break or contaminate a rather serious crime scene because everybody loves nanna and nobody wants to see her charged for a crime she has not committed all thanks to a lacklustre granddaughter that wasn’t alert enough to Get That Eye Ball!

So ladies and Winnie the Pooh; characterisation is nothing but creating simple little behavioural quirks and ensuring that detective Nanna gets through the end of the book without a bloodied eye ball.

Get on out there and type your hearts away with character sketches and watch the magic unfold before your very screens!

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