Delineating from the path of least resistance

I’ll tell you one of the far reaching affects sexism has on society: the production of constricted, suffocating sameness; the diluting of individuality.

It creates sameness terms as “girly” and “manly” and people feeling they have to live to the parameters of these labels.

Imagine a woman (genuinely) into high-heels and dresses and decor and gossip [excuse the clichés, here’s the point:], should she not enjoy competitive third tier field-hockey?
And the reasons she loves to watch this specific type of hockey are all her own, dictated by her personal life experiences, individual.

The sprinkles of uniqueness that could be there to make for a much more colorful individual is crushed because some people won’t allow themselves to be into something that would appear “too obscure”, or “ill fitting for ones gender”.

A man/woman that loves something considered feminine/masculine; a drop of difference, can change the types of books created, movies, the type of politician and citizens we have in the world.
It isn’t about getting in touch with any “side” of ourselves but rather being fearless and comfortable to allow an interest (or disinterest) develop, stick (or go away).

[Fiction born out of non-]

She’s a photojournalist, she loves yellow dresses; so much that she set out to wear as many different dresses (without repeating) for an entire year. She collects cigars from around the world, she has a shelf (which had her grandmothers antique dolls) filled with cigars from russia and Kenya and Vietnam.
She doesn’t smoke mind you. The cigar cases are polished and it’s the technique and design and aroma which draws her obsession.

[Use this character as a prompt if you wantses.]


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