ceci, ici, c’est le dialogue

~”I want to get out and make it work.”

Laptops exhale, cold tile floors radiate.

“That would be pleasant, but the sun is out, and there are people walking about.”

~”Not safe.”

nodding to the beat of a lax heart.

“The blood rushing around my veins, running from the caffeine, It’s getting to my nerves.”

Dry throat cough, swallow painfully, wince.

~”Devours from the inside out. The old days.”

Eyebrows swell dramatically. Everybody knows what the other is “trying” to say. Cue the old dogs crawling on to center stage and switching the ‘R’s with the ‘S’s.

“I really wanna get out… Look at the clear sky and the street signs and recently painted road!”

~Whose talking? And close the blinds or else we’ll be seen and accused of perversities.

It doesn’t really make a difference though, does it?

Inside out.



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