Only One Thing On My Mind For Breakfast

I wanted to make them suffer. So I put on my slippers and washed my hair to dye it green but the colour ended up a metallic blue or what my terrier calls ‘super-saiyan on acid pink’ which is a look that does not go well with slippers.

I stood before the mirror constantly changing my angles and the lighting but I’m pretty sure the initial plan to make them suffer turned on its head.

I went out any way, this error would not defeat me, I took a microphone and wore my speaker shirt.

It was a cold summer evening and everybody wore a hat but with slippers on the chill wasn’t as bad as it would have been.

We met at a park built for people with money and kids. I was fixated on their suffering so much that I had forgot to tell my terrier not to come along; she actually liked my acquaintances and somehow she had made it to the spot before myself despite having taken the shorter route.
Predictably they laughed upon seeing my indigo blue jeans because they had a belt and my resolve was strengthened by this inconsiderate behaviour and I started singing all the worlds national anthems in a tongue of my own devising. A tongue which evokes jingoist spirits and disturbs the chemical components of the space around the earth.

Their ears bled and the grass oozed a colour I had only seen in the mirror this morning.

I watched them suffer.


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