It’s not really the 1st of April! don’t believe a word of it…

I had a ghost story to tell but I forgot whom to!
Worst of all I can’t remember what day it was when I had this story to tell.

*On my love of nonsense literature.

Louis Carroll jabbed me with his ghost pen and told me he ain’t no ghost writer until I told him he was dead (so?) but he responded quite wisely saying he hasn’t written a word since (oh).

[Louis hasn’t a single relation to his syllable-namesake.]

I shoot for humour but mostly end up with dead silence.

Isn’t it hilarious how the further into the future we get as creatives it seems more and more has already been done?
Performance art and the sciences are all that’s left. Just a pointless thought sprayed recklessly into a crowd.

Contemplatively constipated blogger, out.


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