Maybe our hands will meet Tristesse

I feel weird for enjoying sad movies, music, books. Really dark and doom orientated content.

Why do I enjoy melancholy?:

Maybe it’s because they agree with the reality constantly surrounding us; the unflattering certainty of the definite infinities to come that’ll BE without this very present and all its inhabitants as the Past is no longer in a Here and Now it used to partake in. Poor dinosaurs. (Confusionist)

I love minor keys. I love quiet (not silent) movies. I love minimalist (vignette) books.

The truth is, there is nothing enjoyable about sadness; but in a world full of contradiction and lies and turning a blind eye… The overwheling emotion of truth; found in a B-minor sonata or a hopeless movie with a pages’ worth of dialogue, – brings the real world to the fore of the brain and sometimes this is more beautiful than most of the distractions which hide it all.


Awkward Blogger out.


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