Shadows Company

Verbs and nouns. Adjectives and sounds. Syllables with rhymes. Space and time.

I am the opposite of my writing.

Words crawl out of my lips, having stumbled terribly down the dark stairwell of my brain.

And my usually placid facial expression coupled with my monotone voice (I’ve been told) leaves people with the impression [that] I’d rather be doing something more ‘highbrow’ (I say pretentiously) with my time than ‘hangout’ with fellow homosapiens!.

Most of this is involuntary of course.

Eye contact is an olympic feat! Is there a bootcamp where people are taught to be ‘touchy’ and smile constantly and always find conversational topics? If there was, I’d lose myself in the forest on my way there, purpose or not shall remain a mystery.

I do not believe i am better than, etc, etc. Honest. Maybe this helps somebody make it through a lonely night knowing they’re not alone. Maybe that person is me.

Is there a point? Expression. It’s out there!


Public diary, Out.


2 thoughts on “Shadows Company

  1. The way you wrote this and expressed a questionable purpose and reasoning for writing is great. We often find ourselves wondering what is genuine, and why things so simple are so hard for others (eye contact). As someone who has anxiety and depression I understand this all to well, despite the artistic poetic approach you took. Giving your blog a follow, enjoyed the writing. Keep it up!

    I run a blog on mental illness called “Dear Hope”, join the community here:

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